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When the weather changes, your wardrobe changes.
That means your hair wardrobe too!
Here are some examples of Pony-Tails that Mark Townsend did using the Garland Drake Clip-In Pony-Tails. Read More
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The above page where Mark talks about bangs
in Glamour Magazine.
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Mark Townsend, the famous hairstylist to the stars and famous people told Glamour Magazine that... "he gets his [hair] from In an article in Harper's Bazaar Mark said:
"90% of the women ... on the red carpet have Extensions."

There are so many different looks, so many different styles with your "added" hair. It's easy to have beautiful thick and/or long hair with Garland Drake Clip-In Extensions! Read More

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Clip-In Extensions are the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to add more hair. Introduced on TV by Pricilla Presley and Shawn Southwick-King. Click here to learn about our Clip-Ins Extensions. Links to the Bangs section.Links to tje Bangs section. Bangs
A great way to have bangs without cutting your own hair. Or make your own fuller and thicker. 100% human hair, hand-tied, really natural looking. Bangs - Click here to learn more.
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Links to the Pony-Tails sectionLinks to Pony-Tails section.
Pony-Tails Great fun! Our Pony-Tails are a fabulous hair wardrobe item. A new look in an instant! Read more ... Click here.
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Wefts are hair that is sewn together and used for hair extensions. They are usually attached semi-permanently. Click here for more information about wefts.
Samples It is important to see the colors and to feel our hair. That's why we offer samples. Click here to go to section about how to get our samples.
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