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Samples - Introduction
My* mother always said ... "The proof is in the pudding". Translated, this means, you can't really know if you like something ... until you try it.
There is no way we can show you the real colors on a Website or even in printed material.
You have to see the colors, see the real hair samples to know what they look like.
You need to feel the hair to know what it is like. That is why we offer FREE Samples.

Small Samples of

Picture of human hair colors.

The Samples Packet includes ... a Clip-In Extension Side Piece. (Sorry, you do not get to select the color of the Clip-In Sample. The size of the Side Piece is about 12" to 14" long and it is about 1" wide. It has one clip.) The reason we do this is because we believe once you touch, "play with" and see what Garland Drake quality hair is like - you will come back to us for all your Hair Addition needs.
Samples of our human hair colors.
A sample of our Side Piece so you can see what are clips are like and the workmanship. These are what we call 2/d - double density. Our Back Pieces are usually the 3/d - triple density (unless you request 2/d Back Pieces.)
A Catalog with all the prices listed.

A Sample of a
Side Piece

Picture of a Side Piece.
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