Clip-In Extensions Introduction

Introduction to Clip-In Extensions
More Hair! Fast – Easy – Beautiful and a Good Deal! 100% Human Hair

Do you want longer hair? Do you want fuller hair? Do you want a different look? And, do you want it to be easy, to be fast? Our quality 100% Human Hair Clip-In Extensions can be the answer! A great addition to your hair wardrobe.

Fastest, Easiest and a Real Savings Deal
These were introduced in 1994 on TV by Pricilla Presley and Shawn Southwick-King. (More about this in our Blog section.) You do not have to pay a stylist to maintain your hair extensions. You put them in yourself and take them out yourself. It’s fast, easy and a real financial savings.

Buy Only What You Need – Sets or Separates
We have two different sets. The 7 piece set and an 11 piece set. The 7 piece set is usually for volume whereas if you are adding length you’ll need more hair. The 11 piece set is best for that styling goal.
The 7 Piece Set
3 Back Pieces and 4 Side Pieces

The 11 Piece Set
5 Back Pieces and 6 Side Pieces

Select > 7-Piece Set (usually for volume) or 11-Piece Set (for more length) … or order …

Back Pieces = 6″ wide
Side Pieces = 1″ wide

Order Samples – 100% Human Hair

Money Back Guarantee!

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