Clip-Ins How to Attach

How To Attach – Six Easy Steps

1) Use your index fingers to make the parting. These partings are referred to (in professional terms) as tracks. You’ll start at the front and move your fingers to the back of your head.

2) Always follow the contour of your head. Move your fingers from the front towards the back until they meet in the center of your head. The result is a “U” shaped part.

3) If you have long hair, you’ll need to get it out of the way so it won’t get caught in the clips. Clean, neat parts make a difference. It’s uncomfortable if you catch loose hairs in the clips and it can pull out the hair.

4) Pop (snap) open the clips on the Back Piece. The Back Pieces have 3 clips, one at each end and one in the middle.

To open the clips, put your index finger behind the clip and your thumbs on the side of the clip.
Picture shows how to open the clip.

Then simply push your index finger against the clip and – click – the clip pops open. To close a clip, just apply a little pressure – click – and it snaps shut.

5) It’s very important that you place the clips on the hair below the part. This is the natural way your hair grows. We have a saying I’d like you to remember. You can fool Mother Nature but never go against her! For the back pieces, start with the middle clip. Capture hair (under the part) and snap shut.

6) After doing the middle clip, you can then attach the two end clips.
There you are — more hair in just a snap!

Easy To Attach — Clip-In Side Pieces – Side Pieces can go on the side, in the back and even on the top of your head.

Examples of Placement Patterns
7-Piece Set Placement Pattern
Here is a drawing of the standard placement for the 7-Piece Set. Each line represents what we call a “track”. A track (in this case) is a part, the place you will put the Clip-In Back Pieces. The bottom track is #1.

11-Piece Set Placement Pattern
Below are two drawings showing different placement patters of the Back Pieces for an 11-Piece Set.
All 5 back pieces are placed up the center.

The 5 back pieces are place from the side towards the middle.

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