Lengths and Designs

Lengths and Designs

A Lot of Choices – A Lot of Options
  We offer three (3) lengths – 12″, 16″ and 20″.
(In the color you want, we may have some 8″ or other lengths. Just ask us.)

Making Clip-In Extensions – 100% Human Hair
Clip-In Extensions are made, first by sewing hair together to make what we call a weft. We do a total of 7 sewings which includes folding the hair over on the top and finally zigzag stitching and a light coat of an adhesive to secure the hair so it won’t shed. This is then a single density weft (1/d).

Designs for Back Pieces
 Our standard (most popular) density is what we call three density (3/d). To create this density, this thickness, we sew 3 single density wefts together. If you have thin hair we can custom make what we call double density (2/d) Back Pieces. Note The width of our Back Pieces is 6″.

Design for Side Pieces
 The Side Pieces are often worn on the top of the head too. These are available as double density (2/d). We have found that the thinner density (2/d) works best on the sides and top areas. Note The width of our Side Pieces is 1″.
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